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Celebrating life everyday!

We were introduced to the crepe culture not only in France but also other western European and Mediterranean countries. Our love of crepes and coffee became irreversible and we opened our first crepe café in Maui, Hawaii in 2001. Five years later we moved inland and opened a location in Houston, TX and now have a café in Lakeway in the Austin, TX area.

Crepes were considered peasant food in 15th century Brittany. At Vivel we’ve kept some of those traditional recipes and employed the same time-honored techniques, but we’ve added modern flair and flavor. Everything we do has been carefully crafted for our customers to experience nothing less than the best.

We have high standards when it comes to our food. We believe in maintaining the soul of our crepes and coffee, but we have also believe in originality and most importantly quality. Give us a try and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Bon Appetit!

Celebrating life everyday!
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